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How To Be Mindful When Your Mind Is Full


When your mind is full, it is hard to be mindful. Being mindful is the ability to be aware of yourself in a given situation to be present in that space and time. Have you ever been at an event and all of a sudden you’re thinking about the assignment you didn’t do, family issues, personal issues, money issues, and people’s problems? The list of things to think about is endless and often has nothing to do with that moment in time. 

What Happens When Your Mind Is Full?

A full mind is like a bag full of groceries that has reached its capacity and you keep adding to it until the bag breaks. A full mind often leads to feelings of frustration, anger, stress, and overthinking which can affect how you treat others and different situations. In this state, some people tend to be more irritable so things that never used to be an issue are now a problem. Sometimes this is an unhealthy attempt to dump mind contents in a place where they do not belong which can sometimes lead to conflicts which makes it harder for others to be around you.

What Happens When You Are Mindful 

When you are mindful, you make time to take care of yourself. You will feel less stressed and overwhelmed. You are at peace with yourself and your circumstances. You are able to be present in a given moment without wandering off in your mind to issues in your life but even if you do, you are able to pull yourself away and remain present because you are mindful. You have a better attitude and a positive mindset and you’re able to see and appreciate the little things. When you’re mindful, people may enjoy being around you more because there is less chaos. When things change inside of you, things can change around you too.

How To Be More Mindful

Being mindful is a choice that starts with being aware that your mind is full so you need to make room to enjoy the sunshine, nature, your family, your friends and what’s important to you. Do something positive to help you unload your mind like prayer, writing, breathing techniques, spending time in nature, meditation, exercising, talking to someone you trust, listening to music or even dancing which are not your only options since you may enjoy doing other things to declutter your mind. Choose your battles carefully and realize that you can’t control everything and choose to be okay with that while working on the things you do have control over like your thoughts, your actions, your voice and yourself.


Being mindful helps you to be present in the now but it begins with a choice to unload your mind when it is full. One choice will have you feeling light and at peace while the other will leave you feeling stressed out. Are you mindful of when your mind is full?

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