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A Day in the Life of a Marketing Officer

The backbone of a great business is excellent marketing, from planning and scheduling public relations activities, media relations, copywriting, editing brand messages to spreading brand spirit. In season 1, episode 2 of our What’s Your Career Video Series, our guest host Octavia DaCosta speaks with Marketing Officer, Avinash Evans. 

Skills/Qualities Needed to Enter the Field of Marketing

Soft skills, verbal communication skills, graphic designing skills, photography skills and an understanding of public and media relations are some of the core skills needed to function effectively in marketing. Evans also highlighted the importance of networking as she emphasized the many opportunities within the field. 

Subjects to Consider in High School

According to Evans, the subjects she believes are vital for this field include English Language, Mathematics, English Literature, and Theatre Arts which she believes really helps to build your confidence which is very important in marketing.

Field Entry Requirements

Entering the field of marketing requires a first degree preferably in marketing and public relations, but you must also be skilled in research and even journalism. Evans encourages persons interested in the field to also upskill by taking advantage of online certifications to gain additional knowledge of the industry. While mentioning the importance of learning even after you’ve gained your first degree, Evans also highlighted that having hands-on experience and being able to create a professional portfolio is always a great step before pursuing higher education such as a Master’s degree.

Length of Study and Tuition Estimation

Becoming a Marketing Officer may require 3-4 years of study depending on your place of study. Evans comments that she spent over JMD300,000 per semester each year inclusive of food and living costs. NCB Foundation Scholarships, Hanover Charities, and the JMMB Foundation are just a few entities that have yearly scholarship offerings that you can apply for to ease tuition expenses. 

Benefits of Becoming a Marketing Officer

Typically in the marketing field, you are very well compensated but for Evans, she enjoys building relationships, networking with various stakeholders, and developing bonds that last beyond a specific workplace. 

Most Challenging Part of Being a Marketing Officer

The most challenging part of her job is learning patience when she has a list of tasks to complete and wanting to strike them off her to-do list as quickly as possible. With this in mind, Evans believes it is important to take time to do things and do them well.

The Likelihood of Recommending This Career to Others

Evans gives the field of marketing a 10/10 rating because of the many opportunities and skills involved while highlighting that it is quite easy to switch careers if the need ever arises to other areas such as communications, public relations, journalism, and social media management.

Where to Go for Added Information Within the Field

YouTube, for sure! Make YouTube your best friend if you wish to learn more and grow. A YouTube video could have all the information you need that you would find in a book which makes access to information easier.

Advice to Those Interested in Marketing

You will not have it all figured out in the beginning because everything takes time so be patient with yourself and with your process because one day you’ll wake up and realize that you’re an expert in your field. Once that is understood, you will be on your path to greatness.

Watch the full interview here and feel free to share it with others.

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