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Developing The Right Mindset Is Everything

When it comes to mindset, it is really the basis of everything we do whether we realize it or not. What is mindset anyways? I’ll say that mindset is how we view things and people and also the attitude that we have towards things and people. Having the right mindset will allow you to be successful or unsuccessful in the different areas of your life be it in your classes, your family, faith and even your friendships. Developing the right mindset really is everything because the mind is where all our decisions are made before we choose to do something or not. Guess what? Our mindset also affects how we feel about ourselves which can be very good or very bad which boils down to our self worth.

How Does One Develop the Right Mindset?

Developing the right mindset is a process that may not happen overnight for most people but is a necessary process. Ask yourself, what does developing the right mindset mean to me and what does that look like? You may also find these tips useful:

  1. Acknowledge and accept yourself and your limitations through being self aware. Ask questions like, who am I? Who do I want to be in the future? Where do I see myself in 5 years and how will I get there? Do I have friends who I’m trying to keep up with or am I comfortable with what I have and what my parents can afford to provide for me? 
  2. Be realistic with the expectations of yourself, others around you and situations you may find yourself in. Ask yourself, how do I see myself and others? What can I learn from this situation? Do I have a positive attitude?
  3. Develop a positive mindset and attitude so instead of only seeing and focusing on the problems in your life, think of possible solutions and opportunities. This ties into the next tip perfectly.
  4. Feed your mind positive things (mind food) that will help you to grow and flourish in different areas of your life to improve on what you already know or to help build your knowledge base.
  5. Set realistic goals. Setting goals are great but what’s even better is developing action steps to accomplish those goals.
  6. Manage your time well. Ensure that the tasks you have to do get done on time whenever possible like your household chores, homework and personal self care routines like taking a shower/bath etc.

Remember, all that we do or fail to do begins in the mind and how we view things and people are sometimes as a direct result of our culture, our faith, experiences, family values, peer influence and social media. If you think you’re a failure it won’t be long before you start doing things that will produce failing results. On the flip side, if you start thinking like a winner, before long, you’ll start doing things that will produce winning results in your life because our thoughts often manifest themselves into who and what we are.

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