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The Makings of An Entrepreneur

Welcome back to our blog and if you’re reading with us for the first time, welcome! Nowadays more and more people are going into entrepreneurship otherwise known as being their own bosses in the simplest sense of the word. This definition by byjus.com really helps to put things into perspective by stating that ​​entrepreneurship is the ability and readiness to develop, organize and run a business enterprise, along with any of its uncertainties in order to make a profit. In essence, anyone who does what we just defined is seen as an entrepreneur. 

What Does It Take to Become An Entrepreneur?

Anyone who desires to become an entrepreneur must have some if not all of these key qualities that will set them up for success in business.

Be a Risk Taker: Entrepreneurs are risk takers who know what risks to take and when bearing in mind that their decision may/may not produce the results that they want but do it anyway. 

Be an Innovative Visionary: This is where creativity and new/existing ideas meet with the potential to be brought to life because one sees the potential to make money from it if done well.

Lead From the Front: Entrepreneurs are persons who know how to lead from the front when starting their businesses because at this point, they are the ones with the vision of whatever idea or concept they came up with and so they may have to share that vision with others who are potential  team members or partners who can help to bring that vision to life and start earning from it.

Have an Open Mind: Yes, there should be a plan but plans sometimes change while the vision remains the same. Potential entrepreneurs must keep this in mind.

Be Flexible: If something is not working or can work better, one should be flexible enough to make the necessary adjustments for the desired results.

Know Your Product/Service: Potential entrepreneurs should know exactly what their idea will be serving be it a product and or a service to meet a particular need or needs of a certain group of people and how it would function.

Prefers to Work for Themselves: Generally speaking, those desiring to be entrepreneurs prefer to work for themselves by being their own boss for various reasons instead of working for others.

Be Confident: This confidence that one should have is not based on ego but on research, knowledge or experience into what they will be offering, how it will or can work, what it will take to get it started and the ability to make money from it once it gets off the ground. 

These traits aren’t exhaustive, but if this sounds like you, start your idea engine and get creative! Remember that this is a guide and not a manual so do your own research and get started.

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