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Tips For Writing Your Cover Letter

If you are job hunting, check out our post on I Just Want A Job – Link Your Purpose. Okay, today’s post is to help you write your cover/application letter for a job that you want. These are some tips that I gathered as inspired by themuse.com and my own experiences to help you write an application letter that has a buzz. Oh, and these tips are in no particular order.

#1 Use The Correct Format

Use the correct format(s) to write a business letter and be sure to include the full and correct name of the person the letter will be written to, their title, the name of their organization and the address of the organization once it’s available.

#2 Write A New Cover Letter

Write a new cover letter for every job opportunity instead of using a general one because each job may require something different which should be reflected in your cover letter.

#3 Start Your Letter Right

Start your letter by stating the name of the position that you are applying for, how and  why you would fit the role best.

#4 Use Topic Sentences

Remember to use your topic sentences (the first sentence of each paragraph that will tell the reader what each paragraph will be about) but keep them short and to the point. Think of using three to four paragraphs for your cover letter.

#5 Highlight Your Skills

Highlight your important skills and briefly mention any experience(s) or accomplishment that’s important to the role you’re applying for. Let them know what you will bring to the organization if they give you the job. Remember, your aim is to convince them to hire you.

#6 Be Yourself!

Allow your personality, passion and or work practices to shine through in your cover letter; highlight your willingness to learn, grow your skills and experiences.

#7 Strengths & Research

Mention your strengths and make sure to do your research on the company/ organization in terms of their work culture, mission, vision, goals and any other relevant information that you can help them to achieve or maintain. Be sure to mention some of these in your letter if possible. 

#8 Be Formal

Be formal but friendly which ties back in to tip # 6.

#9 Close Well

Remember to close out your letter by offering thanks for their time and consideration. Don’t forget to sign your signature after ending with a salutation such as “Best regards, Respectfully, Sincerely, Kind regards” and so on.

#10 Be Brief

Keep your letter short, concise and sweet. That means no long essays but preferably, a 1 or half page document.

#11 Proofread

Don’t forget to proofread your cover letter once it has been written to check for grammatical errors, proper sentence construction, accuracy, flow and relevance. You could also ask someone else to read your letter and let you know if the letter sounds convincing enough that they would hire you to do the job you’re applying for.

#12 Note Deadlines

Submit your application before or by the deadline given.


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